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Animals were selected as the protagonists in the story. The line drawings allow for colouring and interaction with the resource, and the feedback we received commended this feature. 

Next steps for the project include:

  • Designing take-away engagement packs, with more colouring pages

  • The discsusion of the importance of vaccines and immunisation

  • Viral infections and protecting others from infection 

  • A further dive into educating children about antibiotic awareness, and their appropriate use 

The Stinky Stonky Cold is a co-produced short story aiming to educate parents of young children about the difference in treating viral and bacterial infections. The project came about when the question was raised: "how can we limit the inappropriate use of antibiotics, to curb the frightening increase of Antibiotic resistance".

A team of an Author, Microbiologist and Illustrator came up with a prototype of a printable resource to be distributed in either a GP practice, a Pharmacy, or on a home printer. The A4 sheet folds into an 8 page booklet, which can be read and coloured by the children interacting with it. 

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A coloured resource following testing

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