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A "Pizza" my art in Leeds.

My 5 images on the bottom right. Also featured Sophia Johnston (above, top right) and Olivia McEwan-Hill (left)

I was lucky enough to be selected by the Team at Franco Manca to produce some artwork for their newly-opened restaurant in Leeds.

"Dough making is a magical and fascinating journey. The images follow a solitary traveller as he observes the different stages in pizza-making from a new perspective.

Research into sourdough and its 18th century beginnings began the artistic process. The project then culminated in the surreal exploration of making bread, and the ever-surprising transition from a live culture of flour, water and yeast, to a versatile, very much alive, dough. 

The intention of the artist is to remind us of the complexity and wonder that is artisan bread-making, and the individual journey that each pizza makes from mixing bowl to plate. " - Imogen Fancourt

It was a great change to let loose and explore a more imaginative side to my illustration practice. I enjoyed the world-building most of all, drawing inspiration from the research I made into the dough-making process and using the structures and magic that occurs in break-making.

You can see my art today in Leeds, Franco Manca just outside the Trinity Center.

Bonne apatite!

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