© Artwork Copyright 2019 by Imogen Fancourt.



Hello, my name is Imogen! 

I am an Illustrator of anything weird and wonderful!

I have been working as a free-lance illustrator for the past year. In that time I have worked on pioneering educational resources, made some dough-inspired landscapes, and have brought stories to life with book cover design.

Drop me an email and let's get making!


Hire an Illustrator:  http://illo.cc/83265




  • Working with Franco Manca to produce artwork for a new chain 

  • Creating educational illustration and narrative for the NHS 

  • Special commendations for the Carmelite Children's Illustration prize 2018

  • Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign 

  • Project and events management

  • Character design 

  • Story-boarding

  • Idea Generating

  • Print Fairs

  • Commissions

  • Exhibiting

    • Leeds Arts University 2019​

    • Colours May Vary 2018 

    • Coventry Degree Show 2016

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